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About Online CSS Forum

Online CSS forum is a place for you to get help regarding all aspects of Central Superior Services. You can get help regarding subject selection from our experts who have appeared in the exams themselves. The CSS forums not only give you Access to Past Papers but our experts give an in-depth analysis to read in between the lines.

Here you will find interviews of CSS toppers who will share their experiences on what methods and strategies they adopted to top the Examinations.

Online CSS provides you with Notes for all Optional and Compulsory Subjects, mostly extracted from Maleeha Iesar and other toppers as well.

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About CSS

CSS stands for Central Superior Services of Pakistan. It is the name given to a group of highly prestigious and powerful Pakistani Bureaucrats. The Recruitment is done to the officer’s cadre (BPS 17). To qualify for CSS is extremely competitive and it usually takes a year to prepare for the exams. It also takes a year to complete the written examination and the subsequent medical, psychological test and interview.

The minimum age and educational qualification for appearance in this examination is 21 years and Bachelors (14 years of education) respectively while the maximum age limit is 28 years. The age is relaxed by 3 years for FATA and backward areas of Pakistan.

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Statistics on CSS

According to the estimates of FPSC a total of 8,000 – 10,000 candidates apply for an appearance in its annual Competitive Examination. On an average 5,000 – 6,000 actually appear and approximately 250-500 candidates qualify the written portion of CSS Examination. Out of these successful candidates a total of 100-150 (roughly 2% of the actual applicants) make it to this sacred corps of bureaucrats.

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Get Guidance from Toppers

Be your best self at interviews; get the tips, tactics you need to pass the Psychological test. We have one of the best guidelines on CSS, written by CSS topper Maleeha Iesar 2016. She has documented her experience in full detail and covered each and every aspect of CSS from A to Z.

Online Css Forum aims to polish and groom you so that you are successful in your endeavor of becoming CSS Officer.

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Success Stories

Maleeha Iesar

Maleeha Iesar  has got 1st position in entire Pakistan in CSS 2016. She is an Electrical Engineer from NUST, but that didn’t stop her from making her mark on the subjects that she never studied before. Maleeha was not aware of many subjects when she started her preparation. She had never seen the map of Pakistan in her 22 years age but her hardwork and teachers guidance make it possible for her achieve her dream goal.

Maleeha was so much excited and looking happy while delivering her speech at the education academy.  The topper said that she learnt so much in depth about diverse subjects like Pakistan Affaris, Current Affairs , International Relations from  She mentioned her two teacher in her speech . She told about her English teacher Mureed Hussain and Sir Asmat Ullah Junejo who taught her Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, International Relations and criminology.Her speech was so motivational that it became viral on social media.

She further said you have to work hard , or you have to work smart. CSS exam is pure hard work. She further criticized those people who have lost originality and are wasting time on Internet. She said that people only want to become Assistant Commissioner for pride, status and other perks. However, main thing is to bring the change in the system. Gathering 50 thousands people can’t bring change in the system. She said it is important to try to understand the inner human being . A person who have understood himself will ultimately know the Almighty Allah.

She said that in Pakistan there is lack of guidance. We are surrounded by negativity. She asked that don’t run your life on some one dictation , run your life according to your will and become positive in your life. Any thing can’t be achieved without hard work. She further elaborated when you will try do some thing every body will discourage you, but don’t listen to them. Follow your heart and your dreams, work hard for it and Inshallah Allah will make you successful.

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